Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Hope. Happy New Year 2011!

How are you all doing? It's been long that LetsLoveLomo has not been updated. LetsLoveLomo is so sorry to keep all readers waiting and anticipating for us. =(  But things came up and it' pretty rough. No worries because LetsLoveLomo will be away for a week or two and dear readers, if you ever miss us, don't be shy to leave some comments down! =p

Anyways, LetsLoveLomo has a question, what's your resolutions and wishes for the year of 2011?
LetsLoveLomo wishes for peace all year round for the whole world so that every Lomo Lovers can take beautiful, peaceful and loving pictures to share.

So, what's yours?


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tips 752347# On how to get presents for Christmas. (Holgas)

Greetings Lomo Lovers out there, 

Holiday season is here and it's the time of the year again to jot down all your past memories you had in the year of 2010, oh, and also to snap your Kodak moment at this very last minute. Go ahead and do something meaningful and wonderful before the year of 2010 put a big full stop. 

Here we are with our Holga that has arrive in our hands. This time around, it's for the holiday season occasion as LetsLoveLomo has the holiday mood right now. XD

Besides, LetsLoveLomo always strongly emphasize that SHARING IS CARING and wants Lomo Lovers to share and show Love to their Love ones. We've Holga 120GCFN and Holga 135BC, sounds good? What's even better is the colors. Enough of the talk, scroll down!

Holga 120GCFN
From left: Silver Black and Multi Color C

Holga 120GCFN specs:

Lens: Optical lens f/8 60mm
Shutter speed: 1/100 sec
Film to be used: 120 format colour or black/white film of ASA 100/ ISO 21 
or ASA 400/ ISO 27 speed

Focus: Adjustable
View finder: eye level, direct view finder.
GN of Flash: 12 (ASA 100/DIN 21,m)
Power for flash: 2AA size batteries 
Dimensions: 140 x 102 x 76mm
Weight: 200g without batteries
Accessories: 1 strap, 2 Frame size masks and 1 Take up spool
Include English Manual guide and FREE POSTAGE!

RM 220.00

Photo samples from Holga 120GCFN
Taken from most popular photos

Taken by seeyoshirun

Taken by werriston

Taken by werriston

This model Holga 120GCFN has 4 types of flash colours which are White, Blue, Red and Yellow. That colour flashes result saturations in the photos that lead you to another world of your own. 

Holga 135BC (SOLD OUT)
From left: White, Blue and Red White

Red & White SOLD

Holga 135BC specs:

Lens: Optical lens, f/8 47mm
Shutter: Leaf shutter, speed 1/100 sec
Film to be Used: Suitable for 135 type colour or black/white film of ASA 100/ISO 21 
or ASA 400/ISO27 Speed
View finder: Eye level, direct view finder
Focusing: Adjustable
Dimensions: 124 x 72 x 83mm
Weight: Approx. 178g
Accessories: 1 Carry strap
Include English Manual guide and FREE POSTAGE!

RM 200.00

Photo samples from Holga 135BC.
Taken from most popular photo

Taken by quaisoir

Taken by a_w

Why is it called BC? That's because Holga 135BC produces pictures with black corner. Isn't it wonderful? Although it is imperfect but it is perfect enough to feel the pictures. 

Feel like owning them? Email us at or

LetsLoveLomo asks are you being naughty or nice this year? Pamper your love ones or Lomo Lovers with these cameras. Capture the last moment of the year with toy cameras!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Okay, LetsLoveLomo is feeling slightly lonely tonight and thinking of sharing some thoughts, opinions and world with dear readers.

 LetsLoveLomo wishes to see rainbow pictures taken by toy cameras. 

LetsLoveLomo is asking if Lomo Lovers has rainbow pictures to share with others because sharing is caring. 
 If you do have, please e-mail to or

Good night. LetsLoveLomo is about to have a dream with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. =)

Pic1: Taken by Satomi with a Diana F+ loaded with Fuji Provia 100. From Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Pic2: Taken by kylethefrench with a modified vivitar pn2011 long exposure loaded with rite aid 200. From Manchester, USA.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Finally, it's safe and soundly in my hands.

Bonsoir (good evening in French), here we are presenting to you our new stocks that had finally arrived soundly in our hands.

Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim (UWS)

From L-R: (Top) Sakurasan, White Slim Angel, Blue Ribbon.  (Below) Kumagin and Harikin


Blue Ribbon


White Slim Angel



On the other side, from what we've heard the Sakurasan(light pink), Kumagin (Silver) and Harikin (Gold) has been discontinued from the factory. So, people... be quick! Limited stocks available.

Camera features:
Super wide 22mm plastic lens
Fixed aperture f/11
Shutter speed 1/125
Size: W100 x H58 x D26
Weight: 75g 
Film type: 35mm (the most convenient)
Light, plastic and portable

It also includes Manual guide and free postage fees!
RM 110

Not to forget to mention, it is light and portable easily which produces unique and vivid colors in the photos. According to Stephen S. , the effects of this camera stunned him because there's no other camera that produces the same effects as the Superheadz UWS. It is the Halo effects! However, there's no built in flash for this camera; thus, it is an outdoor sunny kind of camera. 

Meanwhile, here are the effects of the Superheadz Ultra Wide and Slim. 

Halo effects

Superheadz Golden Half and Hello Kitty version


Normal Black (SOLD)


Hello Kitty (SOLD)

Camera Features

Apeture: F8-11
Shutter Speed 1/100 sec
Shooting range 1.5m to infinite
Film counter 72 images maximum
Size: W88 x H72 x D32
Weight: 90g
Warranty of 6 months
Hot shoe Built-in 
Rubber Grip
Takes half frame picture, diptychs
Light, plastic and portable
Include film
Free postage fees!

However, there are 2 different designs which are Normal Black and Hello Kitty. 

Normal Black RM 200.00
Hello Kitty RM 220.00

According to Turntablelab, not only is the smallest 35mm camera in the world, but it also takes 'half frame'. What's half frame? Well, it means by one standard picture frame is divided into two separate shots per exposure. You get to find connections within two frames either it's planned or unplanned. Plus, the quality image is somewhere right with a sober tone and slight out of focus on the edges (a very elegant shot). Thus, it is highly recommended for Lomo Lovers that just want to slide in this sleek camera into their pockets. Furthermore, with the built in- hot shoe (where you can attach and install your flash), it's finally available for the owner to shoot in all kinds of lighting in any environment, be it cloudy or dark!

Here are the effects produced by Superheadz Golden Half. 

Fisheye Black 2 (SOLD)

Camera Features

170 degree fisheye lens
On- camera flash
Hot shoe mount for external flash
Multiple-expose switch for easy double- exposed images
'Bulb' setting for long exposures
'Lock' setting so the shutter won't fire in your bag =)
Flex lens cap and strap
Poster, "Fisheye View" mini photo book, and instruction manual
Camera Film: 35mm
Size: W10.5cm x H6cm x D6cm
Weigh: 231g
Boxed- product weight- 454g
Warranty of 2 years
It comes in with English manual guide
Free Postage fees and free film!

RM 315

It is the best selling camera so far in Lomography. Why? It's the world's smallest 35mm with a built-in fisheye lens. What else? It's fun when you press the button long enough for long exposure when you're on even and steady ground to keep it on while you depress the button. The results... VOILA! The pictures are clearer than you expect and you'll feel the excitement of shooting pictures with this camera. 

The effects are nonetheless breathtaking which I've already posted it previously. Kindly proceed to for your viewing pleasure. (the fisheye effects) 

I hope it makes you drools by looking at the cameras! You know what to do when you want and feel to own one! Be quick as the stocks we have are limited! Just in case you're wondering, do come here!

A bientot Lomo Lovers!  =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For your viewing pleasure

Hi all! It seems like this blog is lacking of something, which are....... PICTURES and ARTWORKS. Yeap, it's been a week and you guys probably wanna know how's a Lomo camera effects are like. Well, we shall just provide you some of the photos from

This is how we're gonna do it, we shall categorize pictures that taken from different Lomo cameras.

Diana F+

Holga 120 CFN


Fisheye 2

Holga 135

Lomography OKTOMAT

Lomography POP 9

Those are just few samples from, pretty awesome huh?

Hope you do enjoy and hope there are more to come from the Lomo Lovers! =) 

Do e-mail us your artworks to Then we will post your pictures in our gallery (coming soon)!

We would also want to take the opportunity to wish all, Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

Remember to have fun and most importantly, drive safely on the road.